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Makara Journal of Health Research (MJHR) is published by Universitas Indonesia. MAKARA is the logo of Universitas Indonesia. MJHR is a peer-reviewedand scientific journal which publishes original research articles relevant to tropical medicine, including infectious and non-infectious disease, biomedicine and epidemiological studies, discussing health issues in the Asia Pacific region and developing countries. The MJHR is an open access journal, and since 2014, it is published 3 times per year. The Journal is nationally acknowledged and accredited by the Indonesian Directorate of Higher Education (SK No. 36a/E/KPT/2016). Further, we are proudly announcing the International acknowledgment of the MJHR by being indexed in Web of Science Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index since 2016. Previously, MJHR was well known by the name of Makara Health Series and Makara Seri Kesehatan. There are no charges for submission of a manuscript, article processing nor publication.

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Vol 22, No 1 (2018): April

Self-Efficacy as a Predictor of Stress in Medical Students of King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia PDF
p. 1-7 Aesha F Siddiqui 10.7454/msk.v22i1.7742
Development of a Tuberculosis Vaccine Seed: Construction of Resuscitation-Promoting Factor B DNA Vaccine and its Expression in Vitro and in Vivo PDF
p. 8-13 Ratih D Saraswati, Andriansjah Rukmana, Fithriyah Fithriyah, Aprilia Rakhmawati 10.7454/msk.v22i1.7954
Low-Level Laser Therapy to the Major Salivary Glands Increases Salivary Flow and MUC5B Protein Secretion in Diabetic Patients with Hyposalivation: A Preliminary Study PDF
p. 14-21 Awaludin Wibawa, Jeerus Sucharitakul, Rungthip Dansirikul, Pagaporn P Pisarnturakit, Patita Bhuridej, Pratanporn Arirachakaran 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8547
Changes in Contrast Sensitivity in Young Adults with Diabetes PDF
p. 22-26 Aziimah A Abd Rahman, Noor E Badarudin, Mohd Z Che Azemin, Norsham Ahmad, Azrin E Arifin 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8735
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Dry Eye Disease in Kuantan, Malaysia PDF
p. 27-33 Mohammed Aljarousha, Aziimah A Abd Rahman, Noor E Badarudin, Mohd Z Che Azemin, Khalid Awad 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8749
Mentorship Programme Criteria and Performance Outcomes of Nurses’ Perceptions PDF
p. 34-39 Noriedayu MN Rudin, Salizar M Ludin 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8799
Myocardial Infarction Elevates Inflammation and Contributes to the Formation of Atheroma Plaques in the Aorta of Hypercholesterolaemic Rats PDF
p. 40-45 Neng F Kurniati, Teresa Angelia, Aluicia A Artarini, Maritsa Nurfatwa 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8459
Iron Status, Prevalence and Risk Factors of Iron Deficiency Anemia Among 12- to 15-Year-Old Adolescent Girls from Different Socioeconomic Status in Indonesia PDF
p. 46-52 Eka S Sumarlan, Endang Windiastuti, Hartono Gunardi 10.7454/msk.v22i1.8078
Infections of Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma hominis as Risk Factors for Abnormal Cervical Cells PDF
p. 53-57 Mardhia Mardhia, Effiana Effiana, Abror Irsan, Diana Natalia, Sari Rahmayanti, Junita Indarti, Lisnawati Rachmadi, Andi Yasmon 10.7454/msk.v22i1.7965