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Makara Journal of Health Research
MAKARA Journal of Health Research (MAKARA Seri Kesehatan) is a scientific journal which publishes original articles on new knowledge, research or applied research and other development related to health cases. The journal is published by the Directorate of Research and Community Engagement, Universitas Indonesia and provides a broad-based forum for the publication and sharing of ongoing research and development in health study. The paper to be presented in this journal is addressed to the editorial office or e-mail. The complete information regarding the procedures to send an article is available in each volume and on its website. All articles will be subjected to double-blind peer review process following a review by the editors. Makara Journal of Heatlh Research was formally published under the name of Makara Seri Kesehatan was the improvement of Jurnal Penelitian Universitas Indonesia Makara, which has been published since Januari 1997. Starting from 2008, the journal has been periodically published three times a year (April, August and December). Full text articles are available from Volume 6 No. 1 April 2002 free of charge.

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Vol 19, No 2 (2015): August

Public health

Efficacy of Toothpaste Containing Nano Calcium in Dentin Remineralization PDF
Anton Rahardjo, Desita Dyah Tri Nugraheni, Ghina Humaira, Melissa Adiatman, Diah Ayu Maharani 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.4604
Smoking Behaviors of Street Children in Makassar 2013 PDF
Ridwan Amiruddin, Darmawangsa Darmawangsa, Jumriani Jumriani, Awaluddin Awaluddin, Nurul Azizah 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.5176
Socio-demographics, Oral Health Behavior, and Physical Activity: Factors in Caries Experience among 19–59 Years Old Adults in a Malaysian Population. Untitled
Dhivyalosini Maykanathan, Satvinder Kaur 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.4854
Risk Factors of Hypertension in Menopausal Women in Rejomulyo, Madiun PDF
Hanifah Ardiani, Lintang Dian Saraswati, Henry Setyawan Susanto 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.5177
Zinc and Copper Levels in Patients with Primary Hypertension and Normotension PDF
Arinda Lironika Suryana, Bambang Wirjatmadi, Merryana Adriani 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.5178
Effects of Chlorophyll in Papaya Leaves on Superoxide Dismutation and Blood Glucose Level of Diabetic Rats PDF
Choirun Nissa, Martha Irene Kartasurya, Banundari Rahmawati 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.5179
Energy Consumption during Lactation and Duration of Breastfeeding At Puskesmas Margajaya Bekasi City in 2014 PDF
Ahmad Syafiq, Sandra Fikawati, Retno Widiastuti 10.7454/mjhr.v19i2.5419


Call for Paper: Health Research Colloquium 2014


Call for Paper: Health Research Colloquium 2014

Posted: 2014-09-09
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