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Vol 10, No 2 (2018)

Vol 10, No 2 (2018); December 2018


The Anomaly OF Airline Passenger Behavioral Intention: A Comparison Between Low-Cost and Full-Service Airlines PDF
p. 75-90 Auryn Rachma Maulisa, Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati 10.21002/amj.v10i2.10621
Factors Affect to Relationship Marketing for Creating Customer Loyalty in Hospital Services Business PDF
p. 91-108 Iqbal Afifi, Ahdia Amini 10.21002/amj.v10i2.9111
Antecedents of Green Awareness for Eco-Friendly Products PDF
p. 109-126 Doni Purnama Alamsyah, Hayder Alhadey Ahmed Mohammed 10.21002/amj.v10i2.8425
Moderating Role of Credibility and Ad Liking Between Online Advertisement and Consumer Buying Behavior of University Students of Pakistan PDF
p. 127-136 Rizwan Khalid, Tehreemyasmeen Tehreemyasmeen 10.21002/amj.v10i2.10624
A meta-analysis of customer loyalty in the banking Services PDF
p. 137-155 Ali Valipour, Mahmoud Noraei, Kamyar Kavosh 10.21002/amj.v10i2.8777