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Implementation of Electronic Prescribing

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Implementation of Electronic Prescribing

Siti Farida, Desak Gede B. Krisnamurti, Rani Wardani Hakim, Adisti Dwijayanti, Erni H. Purwaningsih


Medication errors often occur in general practice and in hospitals partly due to an error in the prescription or prescribing error because of incorrect medical decisions that affect patient safety and healthcare quality. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and reduce such errors, among others, by writing an electronic prescribing (e-prescribing). This review will address the results of studies on the prevalence of prescription errors and the benefits of implementing e-prescriptions to avoid misinterpreting doctor’s handwriting on prescription papers and excessive drug prescribing, efficiency of drug preparation time at pharmacies, and the ability of e-prescribing manage databases that can analyze the history of drug allergy, proper dosage and potential drug interactions that harm patients. Moreover, it also discusses the implementation strategy, infrastructure support and government monitoring system (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency) regularly. Implementation of e-prescribing with appropriate strategies will have a positive impact on healthcare quality and patient safety.


electronic prescribing; e-prescription; prescription error; prescribing error.

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