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Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

Vol 6, No. 1 (2018): April


Budaya Nifas Masyarakat Indonesia, Perlu Tidak Dipertahankan? PDF
Yaumil Reiza 10.23886/ejki.6.8060.

Research Article

Exercise Effect on Learning Ability and Memory of Mus musculus Exposed Monosodium Glutamate PDF
Husnur Rofiqoh, Kristanti W Wigati, Suhartati Suhartati 10.23886/ejki.6.7176.
Association between Sertoli Cell-Only Syndrome, Varicocele and FSH Level in Azoospermic Patients PDF
Michelle Eva, Puji Sari, Ponco Birowo, Nur Rasyid 10.23886/ejki.6.7668.
Validation of Metacognitive Awareness Inventory in Academic Stage of Undergraduate Medical Education PDF
Rukman Abdullah, Diantha Soemantri 10.23886/ejki.6.8621.
The Difference in Length of Stay, Quality of Life, and Cost Effectiveness of Care for Geriatric Patients in Acute Care for Elderly Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Hospital Before and After National Health Insurance Program Implementation PDF
Czeresna Heriawan Soejono, Ika Fitriana 10.23886/ejki.6.9398.
Graves Ophthalmopathy: Comparison of Clinical Appearance, Thyroid Hormones, and TSH Receptor Antibody Profiles PDF
Imam Subekti 10.23886/ejki.6.9299.
Head Position and Other Risk Factors Associated with Acute Neck Pain among Taxi Drivers PDF
siani setiawati setiawan, Dewi Friska, Slamet Ichsan 10.23886/ejki.6.7107.
Comparison of Selenium Sulfide 1% and Zinc Pyrithione 1% and Combination of them in Overcoming Malassezia Globosa in Vitro PDF
Robiatul Adawiyah, Atik Arimurti, Ridhawati Sjam 10.23886/ejki.6.7740.
Profile of Infanticide at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Medicolegal RSUD Dr. Soetomo PDF
Alfi Amelinda, H. Hoediyanto, Viskasari P. Kalanjati P. Kalanjati Kalanjati 10.23886/ejki.6.7214.
Study of Index Aedes Larvae in Salemba Campus Universitas Indonesia PDF
Rawina Winita, Arie Prasetyawan 10.23886/ejki.6.6464.

Case Report

Prognosis of Peritoneal Dialysis Compared to Hemodialysis in Patient with End-Stage Renal Disease PDF
Meutia Ayuputeri Kumaheri 10.23886/ejki.6.7243.

Review Article

Role of Genetic Testing in Male Infertility PDF
Ponco Birowo 10.23886/ejki.6.9408.