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Risk Factors of Obesity in Children 5-15 Years Old

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Risk Factors of Obesity in Children 5-15 Years Old

Ratu Ayu Dewi Sartika


Obesity is the result of positive energy balance for long periods of time. The problem of obesity can occur at the age of children, teens to adults. The purpose of this study is to identify the most dominant factor of obesity in children (5-15 years) using Basic Health Research in 2007. The proportion of obesity (percentile >95) in children (5-15 years old) was 8.3%. The risk factor which mostly associated with obesity was the level of education after being controlled by sex, father's obesity, exercise and smoking habits and intake of protein. To overcome obesity problem in children (5-15 years old), it is needed to provide health education for children from an early age through enhanced IEC (Information, Education and Communication) such as anti smoking program, love of fiber (vegetables and fruits) and develop a culture of sport activities.


children (5-15 years old); obesity; risk factors

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