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Vol 15, No 2 (2011)


Individual and Housing Environment Risk Factors Related to Malaria in Punduh Pedada, Pesawaran District of Lampung Province in 2010 PDF
p. 51-57 Kholis Ernawati, Budi Soesilo, Artha Duarsa, Rifqatussa’adah Rifqatussa’adah 10.7454/msk.v15i2.916
Family Empowerement Toward Children Under Five of Age with Pneumonia in Hospital: The Perception of Pediatric Nurse and Family PDF
p. 58-64 Nani Nurhaeni, Heriandi Sutadi, Yeni Rustina, Bambang Supriyatno 10.7454/msk.v15i2.917
The Effects of Cognitive Behavorial Therapy Group and Social Support Group on the Self Esteem among Breast Cancer Patients Untitled
p. 65-72 Namora Lumongga Lubis, Mohamad Hashim Bin Othman 10.7454/msk.v15i2.919
Identification of Comfort Level Based on Transforming Growth Factor β1 and Cortisol Levels in Patients with Chronic Wound Untitled
p. 73-80 Elly Nurachmah, Heri Kristianto, Dewi Gayatri 10.7454/msk.v15i2.939
Examination of Acid-Fast Bacilli in Sputum using Modified Light Microscope with Homemade Light Emitting Diode Additional Attachment Untitled
p. 81-85 Aryo Tedjo, Anis Karuniawati, Prawoto Prawoto, Subari A. Riyanto, Anwar S. Ibrahim 10.7454/msk.v15i2.941
Subcellular Localization of Beta Catenin in Colorectal Non Neoplastic and Neoplastic Lesions Untitled
p. 86-92 Diah Rini Handjari, Pamela Abineno, Budiningsih Siregar 10.7454/msk.v15i2.942
HIV Prevalence among Pregnant Women in Eight Provincial Capitals in Indonesia in 2003-2010 Untitled
p. 93-100 Toha Muhaimin, Besral Besral 10.7454/msk.v15i2.943