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Relationship between Maternal Nutritional Status and Infant Birth Weight of Vegetarians in DKI Jakarta
View: 227,505

Diarrhea Risk Factors of Infant and Children Under Five Years in Indonesia: A Systematic Review of Public Health Academic Studies
View: 19,234

Study on Policy and Implementation of Exclusive and Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in Indonesia
View: 14,801

The Characteristic and Factors Related to Hypertension in Desa Bocor, Kecamatan Bulus Pesantren, Kabupaten Kebumen, Central Java, 2006
View: 6,305

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique Intervention to Reduce Pain in Cancer Patients
View: 3,831

Mefenamic Acid Caplet Stability in Storage Rooms with Different Temperature and Humidity
View: 3,127

Evaluation on Conventional Antihypertension Use and Natural-Conventional Combination on Patient with Hypertension
View: 3,009

The Difference of Food Pattern and Physical Activity between Obese and Non Obese Teenage Group
View: 2,887

Association Between Out of Pocket Patient's Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention at Wisma Jaya's Community Health Centre, Municipality of Bekasi, 2007
View: 2,877

Baby Soothsayers are Still in Birthing Process by Indonesian Community
View: 2,715

Climate and Incidence Rate of Dengue Hemorragic Fever in Serang District
View: 2,637

Between Needs and Taboos: Sexuality and Reproductive Health Education for High School Students
View: 2,632

Comparison of Tan Thiam Hok, Ziehl Neelsen and Fluorochrome as Acid-Fast Bacilli Staining Methods in Sputum
View: 2,607

Curcuma Domestica Volatile Oil (Curcuma domestica, Val) as Anti Inflamation Agent on Gout Arthritis Patient with High Purin Diet
View: 2,597

Bacteriocin Activity of Leuconostoc mesenteroides Pbac1 Bacteria on Several Media
View: 2,585