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Children are unique and also potential market because they usually do not spend their own money but they have a hugepurchasing power through their parents. They are potential market, because from the number of kids in the market andtheir spending are big and promising. There are three types of kids market: first, children as the primary markets;second, children as the influencer market which emphasizing on the influence of children assert on family purchases.Third, because the children will grow up, then we can consider children as the future market. Based on the abovedescriptions, the authors intent to identify the determinants of children intention to consume such as productcharacteristics, reference group, retail environment and promotion, and create a questionnaire for the children anddevelop hypothesis using these study findings. The data obtained from the field using survey method was used to test allthe hypotheses empirically. Based on the research findings, we came to conclusion that the promotion has a greater andimportant effect in developing intention of children's consumption. These initial findings will be used intentionally inanother study which is try to find out the relationship between children intention to consume and their commitment tofuture market as they grown up and second objective of this study is to develop an initial and appropriate questionnairefor the children which we realize is different from questionnaire for the adult people.

keywords: children market, children intention to consume, children questionnaire

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