e-ISSN 2356-3818       print ISSN 1979-8997

Vol 9, No 2 (2017)

July 2017


Concurrent Momentum and Contrarian Strategies: Evidence from Indonesia PDF
Abdur Rafik, Syifa Primaratri Marizka 10.21002/icmr.v9i2.7724
Corporate Financial Flexibility, Investment Activities, And Cash Holding: Evidence From Indonesia PDF
Rahmat Heru Setianto, Addenver Kusumaputra 10.21002/icmr.v9i2.7470
The Effect of Competition Levels and Banking Concentration on Systemic Risks: Indonesia’s Case PDF
I. G. B. Erri Wibowo, Buddi Wibowo 10.21002/icmr.v9i2.7138
Towards A Sustainable Islamic Banking System: Re-embedding Murabaha Mode of Financing PDF
Wahyu Jatmiko 10.21002/icmr.v9i2.8066

Capital Market

On the Robustness of The Extended Fama-French Three Factor Model PDF
Intan Nur Awwaliyah, Zaafri Ananto Husodo 10.21002/icmr.v9i2.10014