e-ISSN 2356-3818       print ISSN 1979-8997

Vol 10, No 1 (2018)

January 2018


Do Firms Approach the Target Working Capital Requirement? A Case of Pakistan PDF
Ruqia Shaikh, Pervaiz Memon, Muhammad Shaique, Ehsan ul Hassan 10.21002/icmr.v10i1.10824

Capital Market

The High-Low Intraday Performance of Initial Public Offerings during Global Financial Crisis : Evidence from Malaysian Stock Market PDF
Hon-Wei Leow, Wee-Yeap Lau 10.21002/icmr.v10i1.10818
DCC-GARCH Application in Formulating Dynamic Portfolio between Stocks in the Indonesia Stock Exchange with Gold PDF
Robiyanto Robiyanto 10.21002/icmr.v10i1.10821
Trading Friction and Spread Decomposition in Indonesian Stock Exchange PDF
Immas Nurhayati, Irwan Adi Ekaputra, ZaƤfri Ananto Husodo 10.21002/icmr.v10i1.10825
Sensitivity of Liquidity, Investment Decision, and Financial Constraints PDF
Riskin Hidayat, Sugeng Wahyudi, Harjum Muharam 10.21002/icmr.v10i1.10872