e-ISSN 2356-3818       print ISSN 1979-8997

Vol 11, No 2 (2019)

July 2019 (in press)


Dynamic Linkages between US Dollar-Ringgit spot, forward and NDF during QE and Post-QE Exit PDF
Wee Yeap Lau, Tien Ming Yip, You How Go 10.21002/icmr.v11i2.11606
Capital Structure and Adjustment Speed: Evidence From Listed Manufacturing Firms in Indonesia and Malaysia PDF
Pervaiz Ahmed Memon, Mir Muhammad Shah Syed, Niaz Hussain Ghumro, Rohani Md Rus 10.21002/icmr.v11i2.11607
Stock Market Reaction to the Tax Amnesty Announcement PDF
Muhammad Satriyo Wibowo, Puji Sucia Sukmaningrum 10.21002/icmr.v11i2.11608
Systemically Important Banks in Indonesia: Findings From Multivariate GARCH Conditional Value at Risk PDF
Usman Arief, Zäafri Ananto Husodo 10.21002/icmr.v11i2.12185
The Impact of Trade Openness and Financial Openness on Information Efficiency of Five ASEAN Countries’ Stock Market 2000-2014 PDF
Setyo Nugroho, Dwi Nastiti Danarsari 10.21002/icmr.v11i2.12352