Vol 1, No 2 (2016)

Welcome back.

We have to confirm old adagium: starting is easy, maintaining is the real chalenge.  But with full of struggle  finally we could publish this second issue.


In this issue, we serve you with variety of topics, ranging from Posyandu to migrant worker. The posyandu issue titled “ The Effectiveness of the Posyandu and Its relation to Leadeship and Management,”  written by Husnah Maryati and Vetty Yulianty Permatasari. Its finding was grim: the number of active cadres was decreasing. The study location was in Bogor, urban area that close to the Jakarta Megalopolis. We might also say that was the urban problem, not rural. Well hopefully one could do that research.


Another issue is on bigger area, Pidie Jaya District. The paper titled “Study on Public Health Financing in Pidie Jaya District in 2013” written by Hanifah Hasnur. Her finding was more on positive tone: the district own source revenue was increasing, although 69 % of revenue still came from central subsidy.  Another finding was confirming another long finding: operational cost on public health activities (UKM: upaya kesehatan masyarakat) were still low.


In this issue you will find again another research on district level. This time, the district of Pandeglang, Banten Province. The Paper “An Analysis of the usage patterns of Health Services funded through Capitation and Non Capitation in Government Owned Priary Healthcare Facilities in the District of Pandeglang,”  written by Arovian Yulardi and Amal Chalik Sjaaf. In 2015, the puskesmas as government primary care facilities, was utilized  half by National Health Insurance member and another half by non member. 


There are two articles on national agenda. One is titled “An Analisis of the Implementation of the Policy to Integrate of National defence Components in Managing non Military Threats in  the Health Sector”, written by Sugeng Winarno and Prastuti Soewondo. Another one titled ”An Analysis of the National Health Insurance Policy Implementaton in 2014,”  written by Muhammad Arief Rosyd Hasan et all. In short, the problems on those 2 articles stemmed from human weakness: how to communicate, and how to coordinate.


 Of course, there are more finding than what I write here. I will not spoil your reading. 


 Well, Happy reading Again




Purnawan Junadi

Editorial Board Chairman Journal of Indonesian Health Policy and Administration (IHPA)


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