Vol 3 (1)

Indonesia Law Review, Year 1 Vol 3

Table of Contents


Culture and Intellectual Property Development in Indonesia Untitled
Agus Sardjono
State Administrative Legal Review on the Bill of Retraction Law of Corrupted Assets In Eradication Effort of Corruption in Indonesia Untitled
Dian Puji Simatupang
The Issues of Access to Justice in the Case of Dispute Resolution within the Indigenous Community of Tulehu, Central Maluku Untitled
Lidwina Inge Nurtjahyo
Sustainable Fisheries in Southeast Asia Untitled
Melda Kamil Ariadno
Article 27 of Competition Law and What Lies Beneath Untitled
Perdana A. Saputro
On Land (Wealth) Distribution: a Cultural Approach to Justice in Indonesia Untitled
Suparjo Sujadi