Bisnis & Birokrasi Journal, Vol 16, No 2 (2009)

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Kualitas Pelayanan Publik Kecamatan setelah Perubahan Kedudukan dan Fungsi Camat sebagai Perangkat Daerah

Rozy Afrial J


This research aims to analyze the quality of subdistrict public services in decentralization era, identify
services dimensions or attributes that are prioritized by subdistrict for a better performance, and conduct comparative
study to analyze whether a subdistrict with larger delegated authorities has a better quality of public services. The analysis
was conducted using the Service Quality (ServQual) that had been developed into Importance Performance Analysis (IPA).
The research was conducted through surveys in two locations i.e. Katapang Subdistrict in Bandung and Dramaga Subdistrict
in Bogor, on three types of services namely 1) civil administration/registration services 2). Business license services and 3).
Building construction license services.The research result showed that although the subdistricts had legally and formally
shifted into local government institution, the quality of public service performance is still not optimal. This was indicated
by the lower performance index as well as the importance index of the respondents for both subdistricts, in other words
there were gaps between respondents perception and respondents expectation on public service quality.

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