e-ISSN 2356-0851       print ISSN 2339-1995

Vol 20, No 3 (2016)



Volatile Compounds Detected in Coconut Shell Liquid Smoke through Pyrolysis at a Fractioning Temperature of 350-420 ď‚°C PDF
p. 95-100 Ruslin Hadanu, Daniel Ambrosius Nicholas Apituley 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6239
Simulation and Experimental Study of a 2D Photonic Crystal Structure that Reflects a Quantum Dots Emission in the Normal Direction PDF
p. 101-108 Isnaeni Isnaeni, Yong-Hoon Cho 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6240
Determination of Pathotypes from Indonesian Xanthomonas oryzae Pv. Oryzae Population causing Bacterial Leaf Blight and their Reactions on Differential Rice PDF
p. 109-118 Yadi Suryadi, I Made Samudra, Tri Puji Priyatno, Dwi Ningsih Susilowati, Puji Lestari, Fatimah Fatimah, Trini Suryani Kadir 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6241
Extraction of the Proton Charge Radius from Experiments PDF
p. 119-126 Neelima Govind Kelkar, Terry Mart, Marek Nowakowski 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6242
Identification of MADS-box Gene in Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) PDF
p. 127-134 Winda Nawfetrias, Sobir Sobir, Irvan Faizal 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6243
Atomic Ensemble Effects and Non-Covalent Interactions at the Electrode–Electrolyte Interface PDF
p. 135-144 Angel Cuesta 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6244
Estimation of Raindrop Size Distribution Parameters Using Rain Attenuation Data from a Ku-Band Communications Satellite PDF
p. 145-154 Wira Indrayani, Marzuki Marzuki, Mutya Vonnisa 10.7454/mss.v20i3.6245