Vol 1, No 2 (2007): October 2007

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About the Author

Sam PD Anantadjaya
ETC & Foundation

Sam PD Anantadjaya(bmw@bdg.centrin.net.id) is the senior advisor for ETC & Foundation.
It is an organization which actively involves in providing
English proficiency training (under the name of “English Tutorial Center”, and “billy”), and management/market research, including organizing various soft-skills seminars, training and workshops. He is the owner of a clothing store
“big MOM & ME” in Bandung, Indonesia, and a laundry/dry-cleaning services “TEDDY binatu®” in Jakarta, Indonesia. His research interests are mainly in the area of strategic management, particularly on various organizational
intangible assets. During his study, he has received numerous awards and recognitions, such as; Academic Achievement Award, Dean’s List, Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award, and George W. Milne Merit Banking Scholarship from Norwest Bank of La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.

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