e-ISSN 2355-6641       print ISSN 1978-1989

Vol 2, No 2 (2008)

October 2008


Perceived Boundarylessness in Relation to Success Factors: A Descriptive Study of Nine Bangalore Organizations in the IT Sector PDF
p. 87-102 Mary Mathew, Randhir Reghunath Pushpa 10.21002/seam.v2i2.5623
Factors Influencing Purchase Preferences of Store Brands: Examples from Hypermarkets in Malaysia PDF
p. 117-132 Norbani Che Ha, Sharifah Latifah Syed Abdul Kadir, Choo Wee Li 10.21002/seam.v2i2.5624
Control and Organizational Learning in MNCs: an Analysis Through the Subsdiaries Sector PDF
p. 133-154 Olivier De la Villarmois, Christoper Benavent, Firmanzah Firmanzah 10.21002/seam.v2i2.5625
Negative Attitudes toward U.S. Products: Malaysian Muslim Consumers' Perspective PDF
p. 155-168 Khairul Anuar bin Mohammad Shah, Prof Dr Md Nor Othman 10.21002/seam.v2i2.5626