e-ISSN 2355-6641       print ISSN 1978-1989

Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

October 2009


Adoption of E-Business Technologies and Suppliers Performance in Thai Automotive Supply Chains PDF
p. 73-82 Parveen Farooquie, Jamal A Farooquie 10.21002/seam.v3i2.5618
The Influence of Promotion in Constructing Country's Perception, Autobiographical Memory, Emotional Bonding, and Visiting Intention PDF
p. 83-98 Jony Oktavian Haryanto 10.21002/seam.v3i2.5619
Relationship between Pay Level, Pay Structure and Job Commitment in Malaysian Public Community College: The Mediation Role of Distributive Justice PDF
p. 99-112 Azman Ismail, Yusof Ismail, Zalina Ibrahim, Clara Ong Guat Leng, Perry Tan Chee Kiong 10.21002/seam.v3i2.5620
An In-Depth Study of Assesing the Factors Affecting Higher education in South-East Asia: A Case Study of Two Universities PDF
p. 113-128 Edward Sek Khin wong, Teoh Ngee Heng 10.21002/seam.v3i2.5621
Backward Linkages in the Ready Made Garment Industry of Bangladesh: Appraisal and Policy Implications PDF
p. 129-146 Mohammed Rakib Ibne Habib 10.21002/seam.v3i2.5622