e-ISSN 2355-6641       print ISSN 1978-1989

Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

April 2010


Corporate Work Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation on the Employees of Mobile Phone Companies in Bangladesh PDF
p. 1-16 Mohhamad A. Ashraf, Mohd. H. R. Joarder 10.21002/seam.v4i1.5627
Human Capital Development Role of HR during Mergers and Acqusitions PDF
p. 17-28 Yasmeen Rizvi 10.21002/seam.v4i1.5628
Successful Partnerships: A Matter of Experience? PDF
p. 29-38 Frits D.J. Grotenhuis 10.21002/seam.v4i1.5629
Marketing Capability and Export Performance: the Moderating Effect of Export Dependence PDF
p. 39-52 Phadett Tooksoon, Osman Mohamad 10.21002/seam.v4i1.5630
Is Bangladeshi RMG Sector Fit in the Global Apparel Business? Analyses the Supply Chain Management PDF
p. 53-72 Nuruzzaman Nurruzaman, Ahasanul Haque, Rafiq Azad 10.21002/seam.v4i1.5631