e-ISSN 2355-6641       print ISSN 1978-1989

Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

October 2018 (in press)


Bridging Perspectives of Customer Value Proposition and Customer Perceived Value of Intercity Non-Bus Transportation Service in Indonesia
Ihsan Hadiansah, Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara, Rendika Nugraha, Adhi Setyo Santoso 10.21002/seam.v12i2.10048
Knowledge Inertia in the Innovation of Coffee Production
Hafiz Rahman, Hanjaya Putra Siswowiyanto 10.21002/seam.v12i2.9721
Effect of Managers' Communication on Training Application with Motivation to Learn as an Intervening Variable
Azman Ismail, Nurul Afiqah Foboy, Azmawaty Mohamad Nor 10.21002/seam.v12i2.9881
Mapping the Terrain; An Indonesian Business Perspective of the ASEAN Economic Community
Lena Choong, Marko S Hermawan 10.21002/seam.v12i2.9730