Vol 14, No 2 (2012)

(October) Documentation of Nusantara cultures

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


Inscriptions of Sumatra; II. Short epigraphs in Old Javanese PDF
Arlo Griffiths
Stranded people; Mythical narratives about the first inhabitants of Mentawai Islands PDF
Juniator Tulius
Thinking in Islands; The Portuguese perception of the Indonesian archipelago and particularly of Sunda in early texts and charts PDF
Svann Langguth
The Malayic-speaking Orang Laut; Dialects and directions for research PDF
Karl Anderbeck
Local languages, local Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia; A case study from North Maluku PDF
John Bowden
A description of Ternate Malay PDF
Betty Litamahuputty
State-of-the-art in the documentation of the Papuan languages of Timor, Alor, Pantar, and Kisar; A bibliography PDF
Antoinette Schapper,Juliette Huber
The colonial official as ethnographer; VOC documents as resources for social history in eastern Indonesia PDF
Hans Hägerdal
The urban anthropologist as flâneur; The symbolic pattern of Indonesian cities PDF
Peter Nas
Representation and beyond Female victims in Post-Suharto media PDF
Wiwik Sushartami
Normalization of China-Indonesia’s diplomatic relations and the role of the mianzi concept PDF
R. Tuty Nur Mutia Muas

Book reviews

Menuju sejarah Sumatra; Antara Indonesia dan dunia PDF
Susanto Zuhdi
Budaya populer di Indonesia; Mencairnya identitas pasca-Orde Baru PDF
Asri Saraswati
Representation and beyond; Female victims in Post-Suharto media. PDF
Budiawan Mr,


In memoriam Professor Emeritus Andries Teeuw PDF

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