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MAKARA Journal of Technology is a scientific peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles on new knowledge and research or research application with current issues in technology. The journal provides a broad-based or multidisciplinary forum for the publication and sharing of ongoing research and development in engineering and technology.

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Latest issue: Vol 20, No 1 (2016)

Thermal Properties, Crystallinity, and Oxygen Permeability of Na-montmorillonite Reinforced Plasticized Poly(lactic acid) Film
Kurniawan Yuniarto, Yohanes Aris Purwanto, Setyo Purwanto, Bruce A. Welt, Hadi Karia Purwadaria, Titi Candra Sunarti
pages: 1-6
Multi-Project Scheduling Cost Optimization in a Machine Manufacturer Engineer-to-Order
Farizal Farizal, Amar Rachman, Tifani Tandean, Sumarsono Sudarto, Katsuhiko Takahashi
pages: 13-18
Discrete Power Control in Heterogenous Networks
Wibowo Hardjawana, Branka Vucetic
pages: 31-37
Analysis of Arm Movement Prediction by Using the Electroencephalography Signal
Reza Darmakusuma, Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto, Adi Indrayanto, Tati Latifah Mengko, Lidwina Ayu Andarini, Achmad Furqon Idrus
pages: 38-44
Maneuverability of Ships with small Draught in Steady Wind
Daeng Paroka, Andi Haris Muhammad, Syamsul Asri
pages: 24-30