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MAKARA Journal of Technology is a scientific peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles on new knowledge and research or research application with current issues in technology. The journal provides a broad-based or multidisciplinary forum for the publication and sharing of ongoing research and development in engineering and technology.

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Latest issue: Vol 24, No 3 (2020)

Influence of Lithium Bromide on Electrical Properties in Bio-based Polymer Electrolytes
Ahmad Faizrin Fuzlin, Bouchta Sahraoui, Ahmad Salihin Samsudin
pages: 106-110
Performance of Free-space Optical Communication Systems using Optical Amplifiers under Amplify-forward and Amplify-received Configurations
Ucuk Darusalam, Arockia Bazil Raj, Fitri Yuli Zulkifli, Purnomo Sidi Priambodo, Eko Tjipto Rahardjo
pages: 117-124
Ionic Conductiviy of Alginate-NH4Cl Polymer Electrolyte
Nurhasniza Mamajan Khan, Noor Saadiah Mohd Ali, Ahmad Faizrin Ahmad Fuzlin, Ahmad Salihin Samsudin
pages: 125-130
Use of Viscoplastic Damper for Improving the Resistance of Steel Frames to Blast Loading
Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh, Hadi Faghihmaleki, Hamed Hamidi Jamnani, Atefeh Ebrahimi Bardar
pages: 131-138
Influence of the Shaping Process on the Tensile Properties of Steel Reinforcement Bars Carbon Steel Grades BJTP24 and BJTS40
Nuraziz Handika, Ridha Amalia Idhar, Jessica Sjah, Essy Arijoeni, Elly Tjahjono
pages: 139-148
A Density Functional Theory Study on using Montmorillonite to Reduce Air Pollution
Triati Dewi Kencana Wungu, Meqorry Yusfi, Suprijadi Suprijadi
pages: 99-105
Mechanical Alloying-assisted Coating of Fe–Al Powders on Steel Substrate
Alfian Noviyanto, Sri Harjanto, Wahyu Bambang Widayatno, Agus Sukarto Wismogroho, Muhamad Ikhlasul Amal, Nurul Taufiqu Rochman
pages: 111-116