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MAKARA Journal of Technology is a scientific peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles on new knowledge and research or research application with current issues in technology. The journal provides a broad-based or multidisciplinary forum for the publication and sharing of ongoing research and development in engineering and technology.

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2 Jun 2017
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Latest issue: Vol 21, No 3 (2017)

Study on Semiconductor Properties of Acetylide-Thiourea Fabricated onto Interdigitated Electrodes (Ides) Platform Towards Application In Gas Sensing Technology
Adibah Izzati Daud, Wan Mohd Khairul Wan Mohamed Zin, Mohd Ikmar Nizam Mohamad Isa, Khairul Anuar Abdul Wahid
pages: 103-108
Assessment on Heck-Immine Derivatives as Organic Semiconductor Materials
Rafizah Rahamathullah, Lim Keemi, Wan M Khairul
pages: 115-121
Adsorption of Cu(Ii) Ions in Aqueous Solution Onto Limonia Acidissima Shellbased Activated Carbon: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies
Abrar Muslim, Syahiddin Dahlan Said, Gita Suci Hariati, Siti Fajar Karina, Fauzi Muhammad Djuned, Rizka Mulyawan
pages: 129-136
Indonesia’s Municipal Solid Waste 3R and Waste to Energy Programs
Farizal Farizal, Radityo Aji, Amar Rachman, Nasruddin Nasruddin, Teuku Meurah Indra Mahlia
pages: 153-159
Experimental Study on Automatic Control for Collision Avoidance of Ships
Daeng Paroka, Muhammad Fahmi Kamil, Andi Haris Muhammad
pages: 137-144
Experimental Study of the Chimney Height Variation Against Double Pots Biomass Stove Performance
Faisal Faisal, Adi Setiawan, Wusnah Wusnah, Khairil Khairil, Luthfi Luthfi, Mona Fajriana
pages: 109-114
Energy Potentials of Briquette Produced from Tannery Solid Waste
Olatunde Ajani Oyelaran, Faralu Muhammed Sani, Olawale Monsur Sanusi, Olusegun Balogun, Adeyinka Okeowo Fagbemigun
pages: 122-128