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MAKARA Journal of Technology is a scientific peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles on new knowledge and research or research application with current issues in technology. The journal provides a broad-based or multidisciplinary forum for the publication and sharing of ongoing research and development in engineering and technology.

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Latest issue: Vol 21, No 1 (2017)

Nano-Channels Early Formation Investigation on Stainless Steel 316Ti after Immersion in Molten Pb-Bi
Abu Khalid Rivai, Mardiyanto Panitra, Annette Heinzel
pages: 13-18
Sorption and Ion Exchange Behaviour of Natural Zeolite Packing
Chandra Wahyu Purnomo, Bernice Lenora, Wiratni Budhijanto, Hirofumi Hinode
pages: 33-36
Encapsulation Process of Propolis Extract by Casein Micelle Improves Sunscreen Activity
Muhamad Sahlan, Dara Dienayati, Darul Hamdi, Soraya Zahra, Heri Hermansyah, Malyn Chulasiri
pages: 1-6
Synthesis of LiBOB Fine Powder to Increase Solubility
Etty Marti Wigayati, Titik Lestariningsih, Christin Rina Ratri, Ibrahim Purawiardi, Bambang Prihandoko
pages: 26-32