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Small Scale Experiment: Thermal Performance Comparison Between Fiber-Cement Roof and Photovoltaic Roof In Malang, Indonesia

Nurhamdoko Bonifacius 1 , Sri Nastiti Ekasiwi 2


  1. Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Merdeka Malang, Malang 65146, Indonesia
  2. Architecture Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, ITS, Surabaya 60111, Indonesia



Irradiation on the surface of photovoltaic module heats up the photovoltaic module itself and the room underneath the roof of integrated photovoltaic building in the tropics area. Room heating reduces thermal condition and photovoltaic module surface heating reduces its performance in generating electricity. This paper discusses an experiment of measuring the surface temperature of photovoltaic modules and fiber-cement roof surface as a comparison. This experiment also measures the impact  of rising temperatures in each space underneath. It used small-scale mock-ups exposed to direct sunlight. The result of the experiment shows that photovoltaic roof surface temperature is lower than fiber-cement roof temperature. The temperature of room under photovoltaic roof is also lower than the one under fiber-cement roof. Empirical calculation shows that loss of electrical power found is only up to 1.7%. 

Keywords: electrical power loss, fiber-semen roof, roof integrated photovoltaic, small scale experiment, thermal performance
Published at: Vol 16, No 2 (2012) pages: 99-102

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