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Adoption of Variable Rate Technology

Isti Surjandari 1 , Marvin Batte 2


  1. Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, Depok 16424, Indonesia
  2. AED Economics, The Ohio State University, OH 43210, USA


Abstract: Site Specific Management (SSM), which also  variously referred to as Variable Rate Technology (VRT), is an emerging technology that enables producers to make more precise input application decisions based on soil and field characteristics. This study analyzes factors influencing the adoption of VRT for fertilizer application for cash grain production in Ohio. Results show that producer and field characteristics might influence the adoption decision on various SSM components differently. It also provides insight as to the sequence of adoption of SSM component technologies and how this sequence might differ for producers of differing characteristics.
Keywords: grid soil sampling, variable rate technology, yield monitor
Published at: Vol 7, No 3 (2003) pages: 119-124

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