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Dipole Magnetization Effect to Kerosene Characteristics

Mochamad Chalid 1 , Nelson Saksono 1 , Adiwar Adiwar 1 , Nono Darsono 1



Abstract: Investigation of kerosene characteristics has been done by ex-situ dipole magnetization. The resultsĀ  show that magnetization technique can be able to influence kerosene characteristics. Polarity and viscosity of the kerosene are observed by measuring refractive index and viscosity. An hour of 4330 Gauss flux magnetic will increase refractive index from 1.447 to 1.449 and decrease the viscosity from 1.278 to 1.256. Those changing support de-clustering occurrence and polarity increment of kerosene molecule. Gas chromatography and infrared result show that those changing do not alter kerosene structure and composition.
Keywords: dipole magnetization, polarity, viscosity, de-clustering
Published at: Vol 9, No 1 (2005) pages: 36-42

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