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Data Fusion Method Based on Adaptive Kalman Filtering

Bernadus Herdi Sirenden 1


  1. Research Center of Metrology LIPI, Puspiptek Serpong, South Tangerang 15311, Banten


Abstract: This paper discussed about methods of data fusion between rotary encoder and ultrasonic sensor. Both of sensors is used on micro flow calibration system developed by Research Center of Metrology LIPI (RCM-LIPI). The methods that studied in this paper are hierarchical data fusion and Kalman Filter. Three type of Kalman Filter are compared in this paper, conventional and two adaptive methods. This paper also proposed method to combine uncertainty result from Kalman Filter in hierarchical data fusion. The aim is to find appropriate methods of data fusion, that can be implemented to micro flow calibration system. Data from two experiment setup is used to compare the methods. The result lead to conclusion that one of the method (with little adjustment), is more appropriate than other
Keywords: data fusion, adaptive Kalman filter, encoder, ultrasonic, micro-flow
Published at: Vol 23, No 1 (2019) pages: 39-47

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