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Conversion of Heat Energy from Cooling Water of Diesel Engine to Electrical Energy Using Thermoelectric Generator

Muhammad Hasan Albana 1


  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Batam, Batam 29461, Indonesia


Abstract: This research objective is to convert heat from radiator fluid of the diesel engine to electrical energy by using the thermoelectric generator (TEG). TEG consist of 20 semiconductors and be equipped with the heat sink. Research shows that the heat of radiator fluid can be used to generate electrical energy by using TEG although the electricity produced is still small. The maximum electrical voltage generated from the use of TEG is 10 volts when connected in series. When connected in parallel and series-parallel than the maximum voltage generated is only 2.11 volts and 2.53 volts respectively. The voltage generated by the TEG will be higher if the temperature difference between the hot side and the cold side of the semiconductor is higher. Use of this TEG does not reduce the performance of the engine cooling system or radiator system.
Keywords: diesel engine, radiator fluid, thermoelectric generator
Published at: Vol 22, No 3 (2018) pages: 142-148

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