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Effect of Landfill Leachates on Some Water Quality Indicators of Selected Surface Water and Groundwater at Ilokun, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Olorunwa Omofunmi 1 , Adesola Satimehin 1 , Abraham Oloye 1 , Okwunna Umego 1


  1. Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Oye-Are Road, Oye-Ekiti 371104, Nigeria


Abstract: The study was carried out to examine the impact of dumpsite on groundwater and surface water qualities. The water sampled at selected and Leachates were collected. The physicochemical properties of samples were examined. Physical and chemical properties of samples were determined in accordance with the American Public Health Association standards. The findings indicated that the groundwater and surface water that were closer to the dumpsite have EC (385, 245) Sd/cm; TDS (168, 128) mg/L; TD (4.6, 22) NTU; TA (103, 50) mg/L; TH (120. 80) mg/L; Ca (44. 14) mg/L; Mg (0.2, 15) mg/L; SO4 (4, 42) mg/L; Cl (38, 16) mg/L: NO3 (6, 8) mg/L respectively with high elevated physicochemical properties than that far off the dumpsite and were significantly different (p ≥ 0.05). Hence, the closer the groundwater and surface water to the dumpsite the greater the impact on the physicochemical properties. The concentration of the pH in leachate serves as an indicator for the age and mineralization status of dumpsite and it influences the other chemical properties of the leachate; the concentration of the in the leachate inversely proportional to the concentration of calcium, magnesium and sulphate in the study area.
Keywords: groundwater, leachate, open dumpsite, surface water, water quality
Published at: Vol 24, No 2 (2020) pages: 72-78

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