Guide for This Online System

Guidance to Authors

In their MJT web-account, Authors can monitor active submissions through the Active Submission(s) link, view archived submissions through the View Archived Submission(s) link, or start a new submission through the Start New Submission link. Active submissions refer to submissions that are still being processed and have not received a status, including those that are not submitted/incomplete. Archived submissions refer to submissions that have received a status of either rejected or published. Archived submissions can only be viewed by the corresponding author and Editor/Secretariat.

Starting New Submission
Authors are advised to first study the detailed instructions in About > Author Guidelines page. After clicking Start New Submission in the Author section after logging in, Authors should:

  • Select a Section
  • Write a title
  • Write an abstract
  • Write a list of references, 1 item per line (separated by pressing Enter)
  • Upload a manuscript file in PDF format without author information
  • Upload a manuscript file in DOC/DOCX format with complete information (for Editors only)
  • Upload a signed copyright form. All authors must appoint a designated author to represent them in signing the copyright transfer form.
  • Upload supplementary files if necessary
  • Input 4 names of suggested reviewers. Each name should include an email address, field of expertise, and affiliation.
  • Input the name of the author(s). Each author should at least include the first name, last name, and email address.
  • Check the checklist agreement
  • Click Next Step at the bottom to proceed to the next step.
    In the next step, Authors should check the uploaded file. If there are no problems, Authors should click Submit to complete the submission process. Once this is done, the article can be viewed in the Active Submission(s) section under the Author section of the My Account page.

Monitoring Submission Until Receiving Status
Authors will receive a notification email if there are necessary steps to be taken regarding their submission in the website. Any necessary steps regarding their submission can be viewed by clicking the title of the submitted article in the Active Submission page, which can be accessed through the Active Submission(s) link in the Author section of the My Account page. The necessary steps to be taken by Authors during the process before publication include:

  • Uploading a revised version if requested by reviewers
  • Uploading a version that includes author information after the blind peer-review process is completed
  • Uploading a revised version to fix typos, readability, flow, and formatting in preparation for publication, if necessary.

Guidance to Reviewers

Reviewers will receive a notification email for each step they are required to perform. In their MJT web-account, Reviewers can click the Active link to view all articles they need to review and the Archive link to view all articles they have finished reviewing.

Performing Reviewing Process
When there is a request to review, Reviewers will receive a notification email containing a link and an abstract of the paper to be reviewed. Reviewers should click the link and login if they are not logged in to the website. Next, they should click Accept or Decline to decide whether they are willing to review or not. If they click Decline, they are not required to do anything else. If they click Accept, they will see a link to download the manuscript to be reviewed and a link to fill in a review form online. After filling in
the review form, Reviewers should also provide a suggestion whether the article is rejected, approved with revision, or approved without revision. After clicking the Save button, their task in relation to the article is completed and the article is moved to the Archive section.

How to Cite Guidance (for Readers)

In reference to the published papers, readers may cite the papers using the relevant Citation Format as given.
It is important however, to use "Makara Journal of Technology" as the name of the journal for the sake of correct indexing in any system.